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How Can Bio–Identical Hormone Treatment Be Individualized?

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Many medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies claim that biologically identical [bio–identical] hormone products made by the pharmaceutical companies are the best way of providing them compared to the individually compounded biologically identical [bio–identical] hormones.

Unfortunately, the biologically identical [bio–identical] hormone products made by the pharmaceutical companies either ignore or forget about the importance of individual dosing. The pharmaceutical products are made in specific dosages which may provide either too little or too much biologically identical [bio–identical] hormone for the individual woman. Therefore, the specific set dosages of the products made by the pharmaceutical companies makes it very difficult to provide each woman with the specific and individual dosage of biologically identical [bio–identical] hormone that she needs.

The main areas that a health practitioner needs to consider when recommending biologically identical [bio–identical] hormones to a woman are:

  • What are the different treatment forms
  • The strength of the biologically identical [bio–identical] hormones
  • When a woman should take biologically identical [bio–identical] hormones

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