The Hormonal Nightmare

Escape The Nightmare: Live The Dream Of Excellent Health

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Closing Thoughts

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Any woman who has either given birth, or witnessed the birth of a baby, can probably remember that seeing a brand–new life come into this world is both exhilarating and humbling.

It is amazing and almost impossible to fathom the many various steps that had to take place in a woman’s body in order for her child to be born, or for her baby to grow from the fertilization of an egg (ovum) by a sperm. The microscopic amounts of hormones that are normally in a woman’s body, as she goes through her regular menstrual cycles, changes in a profound way in order to provide and maintain a safe and healthy home in the uterus for the growing baby until he or she is born.

It is the various hormones in a woman’s body, triggered at specific times, that bring about the amazing changes as a woman develops from a newborn baby into a child, goes through puberty / adolescence, goes through adulthood, with or without becoming pregnant and having one or more babies, goes through a mid–life change, and progresses into a time where the decrease in her hormones affects her quality of life and increases her risk of serious diseases instead of being able to enjoy her physical and emotional achievements with good health and happiness.

Each new generation of women now has to face new, and at times overwhelming obstacles, to her having a normal hormonally balanced quality of life. She can be exposed to numerous chemicals found in her environment, food and sometimes medications as her body is developing in her mother’s uterus. She’s exposed to many various chemical and exogenous estrogens from the outside that could impact upon her finely balanced hormone production and affect her physical development, and mental and emotional health. From childhood, she is bombarded by the media with promises of youthfulness and health if only she puts her faith in the various products and chemicals made by profit oriented companies.

It is only through education and awareness that a woman can make decisions that are right for her to negotiate her way through a minefield of misinformation and promotional propaganda that could affect her hormones and deprive her of quality of life and health.

If this book provides even one woman with some information that leads to her hormonal nightmare being looked at and solved, and helps make her life journey easier, it has been worth the effort.

Escape The Nightmare — Live The Dream of Excellent Health

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