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Other Causes Of Imbalance In The Sex Hormones

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When one part of a woman’s body is not working properly, this effects how the other parts of the body work.

For example, we take for granted that as long as we eat every day, that we will not starve, and all the parts of the body will get the fuel [nutrients] that it needs. All we have to do is put food in one end of the digestive system [the mouth], and we assume that the food is properly digested, the nutrients absorbed into the blood stream and then get into the cells, while the waste products from the digestion are eliminated from the body by the kidneys, and out of the large intestine [through the anus].

Unfortunately, there are many things that have to work properly along the way or problems can occur. For example digestion begins in the mouth, so the woman has to properly chew the food in order to have the food in smaller particles so that they can be properly digested. If the woman’s teeth don’t meet properly, if she is missing teeth, or her dentures don’t fit properly, this can also affect the way she chews her food and affect how nutrients are available for use in her body and eventually by the hormone / endocrine system.

This is one simple example of how directly or indirectly a woman’s sex hormones can be affected by the functioning of other parts of her body.

Other causes that can create an imbalance in a woman’s body and affect her sex hormones include:

  • Stress — physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual
  • Spinal misalignments
  • Toxins
  • Heavy metals
  • Birth control pills and other medications
  • Hormone disruptors

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