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Testosterone — Important To Good Health For Women

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Although testosterone is usually considered to be the hormone for men, it is also a very important hormone for women. In fact, more and more benefits of testosterone on the health of women are being found by researchers.

Testosterone is made in a woman’s body in the same amount throughout the day. It is at its lowest the week before a woman’s period, and is at its highest level at ovulation.

One of the lesser known theories about testosterone and its role in pregnancy, states that around ovulation, estrogen [which helps to give women a clear mind] drops, and the level of testosterone increases causing a woman on occasion, to make bad choices in sexual partners due to the increased desire for sex around ovulation. This appears to be nature’s way of increasing the chance that a woman will get pregnant, and increases the chance of mankind surviving.

Testosterone has many roles in a woman’s body including:

  • preventing fatigue
  • preventing depression
  • preventing memory loss
  • maintaining stronger bones
  • preventing breast tenderness
  • preventing sleep disturbances
  • preventing Alzheimer’s disease
  • providing a sense of well–being
  • preventing Parkinson’s disease
  • preventing emotional instability
  • preventing loss of concentration
  • helping to maintain skin elasticity
  • preventing loss of libido [sex drive]
  • preventing the growth of breast cancers
  • maintaining healthy and strong muscles
  • giving a woman energy to do things longer
  • preventing the rapid growth of breast tissue
  • maintaining the health of the vaginal mucosa
  • maintaining a lean body mass and less body fat
  • improving balance and hand to eye coordination
  • producing a feeling of security, positivity, and stability
  • protecting against plaque [fatty deposits] in the blood vessels
  • increasing a woman’s libido, orgasmic power, and an enhanced sexual feeling
  • maintaining higher nitric oxide, and naturally occurring substance that helps to keep blood vessels diluted

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