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When Should Women Have Their Hormone Levels Checked?

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I believe that every woman should have at least one baseline hormonal test during her peak reproductive years if she appears to be symptom free. This would let us know what the levels of her sex hormones are at this time. As each woman is an individual, makes hormones at different rates, uses them at different rates, and breaks them down at different rates, having this information assists a health practitioner in prescribing bio–identical hormones is doses specific for her when she is in menopause. Otherwise, without a baseline test, which the baby boomers do not have, a practitioner often has to test a woman’s hormones more often and adjust her dose accordingly.

During the reproductive years, if a woman experiences various symptoms that appear regularly and other possible causes have been ruled out, she should consider having her hormones tested. She definitely should have her hormones tested if she is suffering from irregular menstrual cycles, heavy or light periods, spotting, severe menstrual cramps, miscarriages, infertility or a low sex drive.

During pre–menopause [when a woman starts to have irregular lengths of cycles and heavier, lighter or absent periods], a woman’s hormones can fluctuate very rapidly. Therefore, she may need to be tested more than once before she is fully into menopause. Women who are menopausal or post menopausal, should do the salivary hormonal test at least once a year as a woman’s hormonal level is affected both by aging and by stressful events in her life.

A woman is a woman and her ovaries make some sex hormones until the day she dies. Even if she has no ovaries, a woman’s body still makes some sex hormones, but much less than if she still has functioning ovaries. Some women in their seventies or eighties are experiencing hot flashes and are told that they have to suffer through them as medical doctors are usually unwilling to put these women on the synthetic hormones [a good decision].

The reasons that women consider taking biologically identical hormones at the levels that their body was producing during the reproductive years, is not only to provide relief from menopausal symptoms, but also to prevent health problems that occur during the menopausal years as a result of a woman’s hormonal levels being so low. Some of these health problems are: osteoporosis, various cancers, and increased risk of heart attacks, diabetes, hip fracture and Alzheimer’s disease.

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