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Why Are Synthetic Hormones Prescribed To Women?

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Over the years pharmaceutical companies developed various drugs / medications in response to the need that medical doctors had to treat the various symptoms and health conditions that women developed.

In the 60s research was done by the pharmaceutical companies to develop the birth control pill [BCP]. The birth control pill not only prevented pregnancy in those women who chose not to have a baby, it allowed women to choose when they wanted to have a child and also gave them the freedom to explore and enjoy their sexuality without the fear of pregnancy.

As many couples have difficulty becoming pregnant, the pharmaceutical companies have developed various drugs that promote fertility and pregnancy. Unfortunately, the use of these fertility drugs usually results in a woman having more than one baby that is under size and may have various medical complications.

As doctors looked for a reliable, safe alternative to abortions, the pharmaceutical companies developed various drugs such as the morning after pill to terminate a pregnancy As more and more baby boomers became menopausal, an increased incidence of osteoporosis led the pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs to assist with this problem.

As women experienced menopausal symptoms, the medical profession turned to the pharmaceutical companies to provide drugs that would help eliminate these symptoms in women. It is only since the Woman’s Health Initiative published the results of their study in 2002, that many medical doctors are hesitant or refuse to prescribe synthetic hormones for women. Unfortunately, as many women are experiencing debilitating symptoms during menopause, some doctors appear to have been convinced by the pharmaceutical companies [even though there are no long term research studies to back up their claims] that they can still prescribe the same synthetic hormones to women that were shown to cause cancer and other serious health problems in the study, as long as lower doses are used, and a woman is only on them for a short period of time.

It has also been found that there are double standards for men and women when it comes to medical doctors prescribing sex hormones. If either a man or woman has an under active thyroid or pancreas, medical doctors don’t hesitate to prescribe thyroid hormones and insulin. If a middle aged man has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection or complains about the loss of his sex drive, medical doctors don’t hesitate to prescribe Viagra, Cialis or other hormonal medications.

On the other hand, if a woman in pre-menopause, menopause or in post menopause years complains about symptoms such as hot flashes, insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc. which are related to hormonal imbalances, she is often told that she doesn’t need to have her hormones tested, or that her hormone levels are normal for her age. Then she is either told that she has to put up with her symptoms, or she is only given various medications to treat her symptoms.

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